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Proper phlebotomy practices are not just about drawing blood — they form the basis of accurate diagnosis and treatment, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

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There’s a concerning trend. Many healthcare practitioners unknowingly use techniques that could potentially harm blood samples, compromising their validity and, in turn, patient care. My solution is to promote better practices.

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I’m a passionate, certified, and professional phlebotomist who shares my knowledge and sheds light on the current challenges in phlebotomy. I focus on the importance of best practices, the implications of poor techniques, and how adopting improved methods backed by proven research can revolutionize patient care.

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Whether you’re seeking professional blood drawing services or looking to kickstart your career in the medical field – we are here to assist you every step of the way!

Phlebotomy Instruction & Expert Talks

I offer hands-on training courses for aspiring phlebotomists and healthcare professionals and travel for engaging, informative speaking engagements on the importance of superior phlebotomy practices.
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Quality Assurance Reviews

Navigating the complexities of phlebotomy requires a keen eye and adherence to best practices. I perform a thorough quality assurance review of your phlebotomy practices to identify areas of improvement, covering aspects such as techniques, materials, and facilities.
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Mobile Phlebotomy

Save time and stress less with my mobile services, delivering top-notch blood draw procedures right to your doorstep.
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Client Testimonials

Learn why our clients rave about our expertise and care.

“Laur has been working with our family for in-home phlebotomy services for eight years. My daughter has an extreme phobia of needles, and Laur is the only one who has been able to help my daughter work through her fear so she can retrieve the blood we need for testing. Laur always makes her feel safe and comfortable and so gentle and fast. Despite the struggle, there has never been a second poke or missed vein. Laur is efficient, kind, and reliable. She’ll always be our go-to for this service. We are so grateful for her expertise and developed a friendship over the years.”
Kristen Watts
“Lauren is the only person I trust to draw my blood. I am a hard stick with very small rolling veins. I’ve had issues with every lab in town they fail to be able to draw my blood. With Lauren, I trust that she’s prioritized following proper protocols so the specimen is not ruined in transport and has been properly handled. Lauren is the best phlebotomist and is most knowledgeable about protocols and proper procedures.”
Jane Dennehy
“My extreme anxiety and fear around getting my blood drawn have been significantly reduced since meeting Lauren, she’s kind-hearted and understanding and so much more. I have never met anyone more gentle and quick with needles, the comfort of my own home while getting my blood taken is one of the most fear-easing privileges about the experience. Lauren is the best, and I hope never to let anyone take my blood but her.”
Chloe Watts

Student Testimonials

Discover how our phlebotomy training program has left a positive impact on the lives of our students

“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be in the phlebotomy program and meet and learn from a professional instructor Lauren Zimmardi. The wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement I gained from my instructor were invaluable to transition into the workforce with confidence and motivation.”
Claudia C.
“Lauren was a compassionate, knowledgeable instructor who met students at their level and supported their individual needs. She cultivated confident phlebotomy skills in my classmates and me and gave me a strong start to a new career.”
Remmy R.

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